Can’t Pass To Side Control Because Of The Leg Frame? Do This

Leo Vieira’s 50/50 Arm Guard Passing System is a unique approach to passing the 50/50 arm guard position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). The 50/50 arm guard is one of the most common and difficult positions to pass in BJJ competition and high-level grappling.

In Leo’s system, he emphasizes using a combination of two different passes to deal with the 50/50 guard: the knee slice pass and the double leg pass. The knee slice pass involves using one knee to slice through the middle of your opponent’s legs to break their grip on your legs. The double leg pass involves using both legs to lift your opponent’s hips up and off the mat, disrupting their balance.

Leo advocates alternating between these two passes based on your opponent’s movements and reactions. If your opponent counters one pass, you switch immediately to the other pass. This keeps your opponent guessing and unable to develop a rhythm or anticipate your next pass.

You’re almost past the opponent’s guard and you’re inches away from setting up Side Control
But then they use their leg frame to keep you away. What are you supposed to do now?

Here’s a great solution. Leo Vieira demonstrates:

Learn Checkmat Founder Leo Vieira’s Unique Passing 50/50 Arm Passing System That Completely Shuts Down Submissions, Sweeps, And Guard Retention!

  • Leo Vieira is a legendary black belt and co-founder of Checkmat BJJ, one of the top Jiu-Jitsu teams in the world!
  • Make the 50/50 Arm Passing System even more effective in the Gi, with specific grip details that make it even more powerful than the no-gi variation.

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