Bruno Bastos Has a Slick Half Guard To Side Control Transition

Half guard is a fundamental position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, providing control over an opponent from the bottom and creating opportunities for sweeps and submissions. When an opponent passes one leg to the side in half guard, their base and stability are limited, making it difficult for them to strike effectively. The bottom practitioner can control the opponent’s posture with an underhook and an overhook, limiting their ability to attack.

The half guard position offers a variety of submissions, including the kimura, armbar, and triangle choke, as well as leg attacks like heel hooks and knee bars. The most useful aspect of half guard is the ability to sweep an opponent with techniques like the flower sweep, scissor sweep, and tornado sweep, regaining top control.

Being stuck in bottom Half Guard is never good.
However, there are plenty of things you can go for from this position!

For example, you can transition to Side Control.
Bruno Bastos shows how on the video below:

Learn The Complete Half Guard System From 5th-Degree BJJ Black Belt Bruno Bastos And His 7-Part Masterclass On This MUST KNOW Position!

  • Secure half guard and begin layering on the attacks with Bruno’s battle-tested half guard sweeps, submissions, back takes, and MORE!
  • Half guard is an ESSENTIAL position in Jiu-Jitsu and Bruno is known for having one of the best half guards of all time, especially against larger opponents!

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