Bo Nickal Says Khamzat Chimaev’s Wrestling Is Like “Every 8-Year-Olds In Pennsylvania”

Bo Nickal isn’t too impressed by the wrestling skills of UFC star Khamzat Chimaev.

The 3x NCAA Division 1 national champion scored his fifth professional MMA win in a row at UFC 290…
But, even though he isn’t in the top 10 yet, Nickal isn’t afraid to call out Chimaev.

He shared his opinion on Chimaev’s wrestling in a recent conversation with Michael Bisping:

I saw a video the other day o[f Chimaev] competing against a guy and it was, you know, quite a few years ago.
However long – five, six, seven years ago, but I was just watching it.

I’ve watched some highlights of him wrestling. And he looks good, but he’s competing against 16-year-old kids.

And it’s like, well, that’s a joke – but anyways, I was watching it and I was, like: “Okay, I’m gonna watch this match and break him down, see what he’s doing.”

And, well, Nickal’s analysis of Chimaev’s wrestling isn’t exactly flattering:

Literally, the only thing he did was the fake double leg.

I’m, like, dude, we have every eight-year-old in Pennsylvania who can do that exact same thing.
Like, at the same skill level you’re doing.

And yeah, he wrestled hard and stuff, but I was just, like: “This guy is a good wrestler? What are we talking about?”

Nickal respects Chimaev and his skills nevertheless:

I don’t mean to be negative towards people’s skills and stuff, I obviously respect his skills, and MMA is a completely different ball game.

Like, if we were to wrestle in a match, it’s a joke. Like, it’ll end in sub 60 seconds.
I’ll kill that guy and it’s not even competitive.

But in an MMA fight, like I said, different ball game.

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