Georges St-Pierre: “For Me, Royce Gracie Is The Greatest Of All Time”

When you think of mixed martial arts (MMA), who comes to mind as the greatest of all time?
For Georges St-Pierre, there is only one answer: Royce Gracie.

St-Pierre shared why he thinks that in a recent interview with his long-time rival, Michael Bisping:

For me, I think, it’s Royce Gracie – because he did stuff that I don’t think I’ll ever see again.

He was fighting in an era that didn’t have any weight classes, the rules were much different.
It was very different, and back then it was a totally different thing.

You were going into the cage, you thought maybe someone could die.

GSP acknowledged that Royce would, perhaps, not do as well if he were to be placed in the “present” UFC octagon.
But that sort of an evolution is constant and applicable to every single fighter, not just to the legendary Gracie:

Of course, if you put Royce Gracie in modern days against the champion, I don’t think he would maybe do so well.

So, I think the real “GOAT” is not even born yet…
I truly believe that the performances tend to get better over time.

St-Pierre emphasizes that it has nothing to do with the fighter, but with the knowledge access:

It has nothing to do with the person, because I don’t think the athletes are better now than they were before.

I don’t think it has to do with the person.
I think it has to do with knowledge and technology.

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