BJJ Legend Demian Maia Shares 5 Tips For Quality Sleep

If you want to improve faster in Jiu-Jitsu, then training hard isn’t going to cut it.
You’ll have to rest as hard (or even harder) than you train. And the best way to do that is through quality sleep.

BJJ legend Demian Maia took it to social media to share his thoughts on how to become a “sleep black belt”.
Here are his 5 tips for quality sleep:

1. Stay away from the mobile

Stop moving it two hours before you sleep. Besides light, which keeps the brain active, watching news and social networks can interfere with the quality of sleep.

2. Turn off the lights

Use yellow lights at home and avoid too much brightness when it starts getting dark. With very bright lights, the retina captures this and recognizes it as day, causing the body to have a hard time understanding the circardian cycle correctly.

3. Avoid caffeine six hours before bed

The half-life of caffeine lasts about six hours and is harmful for a good night’s sleep. Studies show that, however much sleep you can get, drinking coffee prevents you from getting REM sleep, a crucial part of full recovery.

4. Listen to relaxing podcasts and read books

Listen to relaxing, less-dense podcasts that relax your body for a good night’s sleep. Trivia or history shows are a great request. Books are also a good option.

5. Use techniques to stay off your cell phone

Remove app notifications (sounds and pop-ups) on the screen and leave all messaging apps on the last page of the mobile phone. This makes the use of these apps purposeful and prevents unpretentious access.

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