BJJ Advice: The “Second Best Way” To Use Your Strengths In Jiu-Jitsu

Everyone has their own strengths in Jiu-Jitsu – and you should use them as well.
However, a problem arises when your training partners start figuring out what those strengths are. So, they start successfully defending against them.

What are you supposed to do then? Should you abandon these techniques altogether?
Well, John Danaher would advise against that. There’s a second best way to use your strengths in BJJ:

Don’t think your strengths become useless once your opponents realize what they are and develop counter measures – they just have a different function.

Now they can be used not as direct attacks but as a means of creating predictable defensive reactions from an opponent that you can capitalize upon.

If you have a powerful Armbar from guard that opponents fear and posture away from this will create opportunities for sweeps to the rear as opponents overreact to the initial threat.

So, it’s all about “stacking up” moves on top of your best ones:

As you develop favorite moves, be sure to develop auxiliary moves around your favorites that take advantage of exaggerated defensive reactions – that way you get twice the value from those favorites of yours!


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