Arrest Warrant Issued For Nate Diaz – Charging Him With 2nd Degree Battery

According to MMA Fighting, Nate Diaz has been charged with second-degree battery, following the street fight that went viral.

An arrest warrant has been issued, but, according to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), the famous MMA fighter isn’t in custody right now.

The Department issued a statement:

At or about 2:10am on Saturday April 22 – NOPD’s Bourbon Street – promenade officers and supervisors were alerted to a large altercation in the 400 block of Bourbon St.

The officers were able to disperse the crowd. Witness alerted the officers to a white male subject who was believed to be unconscious. A short time later, the subject regained consciousness.

Officers observed the subject was bleeding from the rear of his head and EMS was summoned to render aid.

After investigation, an arrest warrant was issued for Nate Diaz. He has been charged with second degree battery. He is not in custody at this time.

The incident took place after the Misfits Boxing 6 event; in the form of what appears to be an all-encompassing brawl, in which Nate Diaz got himself involved.

The video below shows Diaz with his fists raised and the other man approaching him with his hands raised up.
An altercation ensues soon after and Diaz sets up a Guillotine Choke – rendering the man unconscious:


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