Nicholas Meregali On People Who Think Kaynan Intended To Break Mica’s Leg: “The People’s Lack Of Neurons…”

The BJJ Stars 10 event took place a few days ago, with one of the matches being between Mica Galvao and Kaynan Duarte.

During the match, Kaynan went for a leg lock. And when Mica defended it successfully, both athletes started rolling inwardly – a move that is prohibited by the IBJJF rulebook and that can cause harm to an opponent.

As the medical team rushed in, Galvao seemed to be hurt immediately.
Now, it is thought that his ACL has been torn. It’s an injury that usually requires surgery and up to 9 months of rehabilitation and recovery.

Some people from the BJJ community have made the claim that Kaynan wanted to hurt Mica.
Nicholas Meregali, however, is having none of that.

He shared his opinion on social media, publicly making fun of people who say that Kaynan had any bad intentions (translated from Portuguese):

Kanynan went into a Sankaku (legal move), which – during the transition from sweep to submission – earned him a disqualification.

People are calling him a cheater and that he went for the break. And that Mica lost because of it.
If Kaynan wanted to break Mica’s knee in the position he would have broken it, that’s the truth, he wasn’t mean.

He also pointed towards Mica’s PED use:

And judging that the move was absurd cheating against Mica just shows you’re a ret*rd.
Mica used clomiphene to cheat and mask steroid use, and this was not seen as cheating.

People are experiencing Jiu-Jitsu as if it were a Globo soap opera. The people’s lack of neurons is very funny.


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