Acrobatics kings the Mendes bros demonstrate Roger’s basics

The Ramon Lemos black belts had an unprecedented achievement at 2011 Worlds. Photo: Deb Blyth.

The Mendes brothers know that in order for the basics to be effective, there are complexities involved. It’s the fine details that make the difference, whether when attacking or defending. And there’s no greater example than Roger Gracie to illustrate the subject.

“Why can’t anyone manage to defend against Roger’s choke? To us what sets him apart is his understanding of the position. Roger sees details in the choke that nobody else can. If you don’t know how to attack the way he does, you won’t know how to defend against it. The difference is in the details. He applies one of the most rudimentary of positions, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to understand.”

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And check out one of Gui Mendes’s tricks here on

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