Stephan Kesting Answers BJJ Training Questions

In this episode I tried to answer as many questions as possible from my email newsletter readers as possible, including…

Whether BJJ gameplans really are for everyone (3:30),

How to pace yourself against the young guys when you’re 52 years old (8:36),

The best stretches for grappling flexibility (13:12),

What are the best drills for developing a specific position (15:30),

What’s my hypothetical plan for creating a BJJ world champion if I had a young clone of myself (18:41),

When will the single leg X guard and modern leg lock formula instructionals be released as apps (28:28),

What should your focus be if you’re training purely for self defense (29:35),
Ranking physical attributes in order of importance for BJJ competition (32:22),

Bodyweight fitness routines (38:00),

Tips for dealing with knuckle and finger pain (40:50),

What’s a good balance between weight training and BJJ for healthy joints (44:30),

Is 5′ 9″ too small to do BJJ (50:10),

Training around knee pain (52:05),

Post training nutrition tips (55:35),

Flexibility for older grapplers (57:05),

Are you being rude to your partners when you want to go light because of injury concerns (59:25),

How can you deal with getting promoted to blue belt but not thinking that you deserve it (1:03:54)?

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