Improve this BJJ Mount Escape with Better Timing – Nick Albin

In some cases we abandon some of the fundamental techniques we used for newer or more advanced options. This is true in some cases with fundamental mount escapes like the Ups/Bridge and roll escape.

In BJJ, the Upa or Bridge and roll escape is one of the first most practitioners learn. It’s simple effective and it serves it’s purpose very well. It can be used easily as a white belt and can be used at higher levels as well.

However, as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners mature and move up to fighting more experienced opponents. Using this technique can seem quite difficult. The difficulty in using this fundamental technique lies in the fact that the experienced person they are rolling or competing against is aware of the technique as well.

Because of the techniques simplicity, you can see / feel it coming a mile away.

And here lies one of the beautiful parts of BJJ. A move, not matter how simple, can be used effectively even at higher levels. You can’t help but cite Roger Gracie and his use of the cross collar choke in situations like this. A seemingly simple move that most of us learn in our initial Brazilian Jiujitsu classes. Yet he can hit this techniques among the best of the best.

So it’s always a reminder that it can be done. Sometimes the fundamental technique such as a mount escape, like the upa escape, just needs to be adjusted a bit.

In this video I explain a simple detail of timing when using this mount escape. This question came from one of our White Belt viewers.

The key is to execute the technique as quickly as possible once the essential grip has been established. The goal is to shorten the lag time between achieving the grip and execution of the technique so that the opponent will not be able to adjust or prepare a counter.

I show an example of this using the armbar from guard. Then carry the lesson over to the bottom of mount using the Upa Escape.

As always I hope this video is helpful to you!


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