How to Relax when you’re Stuck Under a Heavy Side Control – Nick Albin

Do you ever panic when you’re stuck in the bottom of side control? This is the issue that Bob is having.

Bob says he is the smallest person in his gym and gets stuck in the bottom of side control. And while he knows techniques to escape, he panics and cannot seem to recall the techniques because he panics.

His question is how to address this issue during his Brazilian Jiujitsu training.

In this video I discuss a couple of simple ideas and a tip to work on getting away from the panic mindset that often grips people when they are still new to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

The tip is pretty simple but will take a good deal of discipline to use it effectively.

The tip is to roll with some of your partners, and essentially let them pass and put you in a bad position like the bottom of side control. And once they are there. . . don’t try to escape.

Instead. . .

Just stay tight and don’t let them submit you. And see how long you can last. The purpose of doing this is that it will give you more time in the position. And more time in the position equals more comfort and less panic.

Once you get comfortable in bad spots, it makes it easier to relax, not panic, and use your techniques more effectively and efficiently.

I also discuss how I used this in my own training as well as how I’ve used this with my BJJ students to get them to be more effective with their escapes.

I hope this BJJ escape tip helps with your side control escapes!

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