Forced to Take Time Off BJJ? ( Why You Shouldn’t Worry ) – Nick Albin

When you’re forced to take time away from Bjj do you worry about forgetting everything?

Recently I got asked this question from our friend Charles who is a White Belt and said that he is going to be taking a short 2 month mission with the United States National Guard.

While he’s ready for the mission he’s not ready to give up Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training for 2 months. He said the biggest worry that he has about this 2 month layoff from Brazilian Jiujitsu is the thought of losing all the progress he’s developed as a beginner over the short time he’s been training.

As a newcomer to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu this is a common fear. Heck this is a common fear. Many of us experience this fear whenever we are forced to take a short layoff from training, whether it be because of an injury, maybe a job change or some other responsibility outside the gym.

I know I had similar fears during the multiple layoffs I’ve been forced to take away from BJJ.

In this video I give some reassurance as to why you won’t lose everything and also give a simple idea on something you could do in the meantime to make sure you don’t lose your technical gains from Bjj training.

The biggest piece of advice I try to share in this video is the idea that these short layoffs are really insignificant in the grand scheme of the years of training. 2 months here or there will seem like little blips in your memory down the road.

So, if you’re forced to take a short layoff from Brazilian Jiujitsu, I hope the information in the video is helpful.


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