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Stop Holding Your Breath in BJJ ( Easy Drilling Tip ) – Nick Albin

Have you ever found yourself just constantly holding your breath in BJJ? Have you ever had one of your coaches to tell you to breathe but never really offer any advice on how to do that?

Here’s a tip that’s helped me.

I was a notorious breath holder when I did BJJ all the way up till purple belt. I remember a friend of mine and opponent at the time my 1st Purple Belt BJJ competition. Tim Sledd. After competing. We were commenting on each other and one of the things he said was, “you held your breath a lot.”

When he said that, I noticed in training and rolling when I was doing Brazilian Jiujitsu. I was! I was holding my breath all the time.

To fix this I started mimicking the way I did boxing and standup. When I did that sort of training. I was constantly breathing. And in turn I seemed to breathe much more than I did with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

It’s simply a matter of programming yourself to do what you want to do.

So when you’re practicing and drilling. A great tip is to practice your breathing with the movement itself.

I still do this. I focus just as much on my breathing as I do for my BJJ techniques.

If you’re having the same problem I hope this video is helpful!

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