7 BJJ X Guard Drills ( Entries and Sweeps ) – Nick Albin

In this video I show a “fly on the wall” video series of some BJJ X Guard Drills we were working on.

During the drilling cause we started with X Guard entry drills then moved into X Guard sweeps with some of them being cyclical style drills. Meaning I sweep you, then get up and then you sweep me. And the drill is continuous.

We spent the better part of an hour and half going through these different BJJ drills and this was after a week of drilling these same movements over and over again.

We all got a ton of value from it. Many of us after this week of X Guard techniques found ourselves hitting the sweeps and options effectively.

X Guard is one of my favorite positions in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu because I honestly don’t have incredibly long legs for my size and I often find myself there after working from positions like Butterfly Guard and Half Guard.

Since I have shorter legs and a thick torso. I can kind of ball myself up under a person to keep them off balance and achieve a sweep. I’ve used this style of sweeping against people much larger than me with great effect during rolling and Brazilian Jiujitsu competitions.

So if you’re looking for some BJJ drills to boost your X Guard. Whether it’s just getting to the position or sweeping. Hopefully these drills will be helpful to you and your Brazilian Jiujitsu game.


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