What Does John Danaher Really Think About The Smother Choke?

When you train BJJ, you’re always looking for high percentage techniques that require minimum effort and risk and offer maximum return. One highly effective submission in Jiu-Jitsu is the “smother choke”, also known as “Mother’s milk”. When applied properly, the smother choke can end a match quickly by cutting off your opponent’s breathing.

How to set it up

You  need to gain a strong mount position, with either an underhook or double underhook. You then pin your opponent’s arms to prevent escape, and place pressure on their neck and collarbone using your chest and shoulder. The smother choke requires practice to perfect, but with the right technique you’ll be tapping out your opponents in no time and asserting your dominance from the mount.

This submission focuses on smothering the opponent’s face in your chest from mount while simultaneously applying upward direction force on the back of the opponent’s neck.

BJJ black belt Gile Huni of Kimura BJJ Serbia academy shows a simple way to set it up, with a single underhook:


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This works at the highest level and has been done repeatedly by Gordon Ryan, Big Dan and Nicholas Meregeli who just submitted Francisco Lo with this from double underhook last weekend.

John Danaher breaks down why his students have found such success with the smother tap:

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