United Kingdom: BJJ Can Now Be Offered As Part Of School Curriculum

After Slovakia recently introduced MMA as a physical education (PE) option in schools, it seems that the United Kingdom is following a similar path – but with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Namely, BJJ has made a huge step forward towards mainstream recognition in the UK, as it is now eligible to form a part of the GCSE PE curriculum in schools.

The decision has been driven by the UKBJJA, who has been consulting with the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations & Assessment in order to run pilot studies on the idea of offering BJJ as a part of the GCSE PE – a qualification generally taken by students aged 14-16 in schools.

And now, it’s possible for both children and adults to be assessed in GCSE BJJ (provided that they already have some experience in the sport and that their local authority is willing to offer that option).

The Chair of UKBJJA, Neil Williams, gave the following statement on their official website:

This exciting news is a reflection of the relentless efforts that take place, often behind the scenes, by our board members to further grow and legitimize the presence of BJJ as a sport across the whole of the UK.

We’re very proud to be able say there is now a route to recognized, national qualifications in BJJ.

When paired with the safeguarding, coaching, first aid and referee courses available via the UKBJJA this builds a strong arsenal of skills to all sports leaders within Jiu-Jitsu so that we may continue to raise standards and provide a positive environment within which UK BJJ can grow.

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