Underhook The Knee: A Key Guard Passing Concept

Does it feel as if your guard passing is somewhat stagnating? As in, you do know a number of guard passes and you perform most of them with reasonable quality… But no matter how much you try, you just seem not to be able to pass your training partners’ guard?
Well, it’s quite likely that the reason behind that is your lack of knowledge and skill in chain passing.

If you want to improve your guard passing by a lot, then it’s super necessary that you learn and utilize the underhook the knee concept.

Here’s what this concept is about and how to use it.
Junny Ocasio explains:

Diversify Your Understanding Of That Guard And Acquire What It Takes To Pass And Retain The Guard Successfully With Elite Black Belt Competitor & Instructor Junny Ocasio!

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Edwin “Junny” Ocasio dives into the passing styles and sequences he has used in some of his biggest matches.
  • Correctly approach the open guard from the inside and outside, and see what it takes to properly address the knee shield.

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