UFC 286: Did Muhammad Mokaev “Brazilian Tap” Against Jafel Filho?

Muhammad Mokaev is an up-and-coming UFC prospect who fought Jafel Filho at UFC 286 last night.
The Dagestani national ultimately won the match via submission, though at one point he was caught in a very deep Kneebar.

And yes… There were cracks involved. Watch the video below:

Here’s what Mokaev had to say about the Kneebar, during the post-fight conference:

I’m flexible, there was like three, four cracks and he thought I gonna tap so he relax a little bit.

He look at me and then Herb Dean said he didn’t tap so I shake my head and then he rejoined the grip like a choke position, was even stronger.
This groin guard is very strong.

And then another three, four cracks. In my head I was waiting till my knee rips. In my head I was like, it’s nearly coming out.
And then when I stand on the knee, I’m like: “My knee, gone.”

However, there was another moment during the fight that caught everyone’s attention – when the Mokaev seemingly tapped out.
He wasn’t caught in any sort of a submission, nor did the referee see the “tap”.

Watch it for yourself on the video below. What do you think happened?

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