Turn The Angle: Pressure Passing Advice By Gregor Gracie

The art of guard passing is one of the most important aspects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. To define, guard passing is where you pass the opponent’s defense (guard) using technique, movement, and leverage. The central theme of passing the guard is to bypass the opponent’s legs. One can do this by going around, under, and through the legs.

Guard play is a phase in grappling where the passer and defender battle for the slightest advantage to improve position. The guard player uses their legs and body position to stifle a passer’s attempt to pin.

On the other hand, the guard passer attempts to crack the guard open and advance position. Today we’ll talk about the smash pass, one of the most effective techniques you can do to pass the guard.

Surprisingly enough, pressure passing isn’t “just” about applying pressure to pass an opponent’s guard…
It’s also about using angles intelligently.

Here’s how, as explained by Gregor Gracie:

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