[Throwback] Bouncer Takes Down A Wannabe Thug With Modified BJJ Technique

Getting into street fights is a big no-no. And not just because of the legal repercussions that stem from it – but also because you never know who you’re going against…
Which is exactly the mistake a young man from Durham (England) made some years ago.

The reports state that the man was causing trouble outside a night club.
His friend and the bouncers alike have asked him to leave the premises several times over, but he didn’t listen. He kept acting in a “thug” way, and even became aggressive towards his friend.

Which is exactly when one of the bouncers decided to take matters into his own hands.

The bouncer approaches the thug from behind, securing a modified Rear Naked Choke to take him down.
He then pins the man to the ground, making it more than clear that his behavior won’t be tolerated anymore:

Are you going to f*ck off?
Are you going to f*ck off or I’ll pull your f*cking head off?

And, even though his approach is aggressive, he displays incredible constraint and does not hit the man.
Instead, he lifts him up by grabbing the collar of his T-shirt and sends him his way with yet another warning:

Are you going down again?
Up and f*ck off.

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