This Surprising Kimura Trap From The Guard Pass Works Great

BJJ black belt Haisam Rida grew up in Ghana and started training in Japan. He is now training at B-Team with Craig Jones, Nicky Ro and co. and taking over the competition scene by storm.

In this video, he shows how he likes to pass the guard, take the back, transition seamlessly, and finish opponents from multiple positions, all with the help of one of BJJ’s most classic subs: the Kimura.

Haissam shows his favorite diving kimura attack and alternate submissions from a the back so you can create a more dangerous game from just about anywhere.

The diving Kimura is NOT like the rolling Kimura.

The Diving Kimura is much less risky than the rolling kimura. It sounds similar, because it is. The main difference is that we are aiming for side control and using our hips to smash our opponents chest or face. Whereas with the Rolling Kimura, you apply no pressure to your opponent with your body and leave a lot of space for escape.

The Kimura Trap is one of the best and most complete “systems” you could (and should) learn in Jiu-Jitsu.
Plus, it’s one of the most versatile ones out there.

Here’s one of those great Kimura Trap options, in this case from a guard pass.
Rida Haisam demonstrates:

Pass, Trap, and Submit More Opponents Using This Powerful Kimura System from Top BJJ Black Belt Athlete and Quintet Standout, Haisam Rida.

  • Black Belt Haisam Rida is a seasoned active competitor with Quintet Fight Night Champion Honors and wins over tough black belts on the competition scene.
  • Learn Rida’s most trusted kimura strategies that he consistently relies on at the highest levels of competition.

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