The Power Of Connection: Super Important BJJ Concept

There’s a handful of BJJ concepts that will go a long way in almost every single position and technique you do…
And the power of connection is one of them.

BJJ in its essence is based on the principles of balance, physics and leverage.

To be successful in jiu jitsu, you have to be able to stay connected to your opponent so that you can read and interpret their movements so that you can anticipate their next moves.

This connection is the key to jiu jitsu and allows you to develop a deep understanding of body movement.

Henry Akins explains the power of connection and demonstrates it below:

Learn The Important Concept Of Connection And How It Can Transform Your Entire Game With This In-Depth Course From Rickson Gracie Black Belt Henry Akins

  • Henry Akins has been privy to some of the most effective jiu-jitsu techniques ever created.
  • Develop an understanding around this concept and how connection can work for or against you on the mats in Henry’s six volume series.

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