The “Jersey Sweep” Is The Coolest Sweep You Don’t Know How To Do

Do you enjoy playing the “10th Planet game”?
If so, then here’s one of the best ways to make your training partner’s life miserable – with the help of the ‘Jersey Sweep’!

Jeremiah Vance is a 10th Planet Black Belt under Eddie Bravo, he specializes in Rubber Guard. Before he started Jiu-Jitsu he was traveling the world skateboarding with the Element and Vans Team. Jeremiah recently won submission of the year for F2WINPRO, he also took Gold at IBJJF Paris Open (Brown Belt), & Gold at Gracie Worlds (Brown belt).

The Jersey Sweep is probably one of the coolest BJJ sweeps out there… And, yet, you probably don’t know how to do it.

Here’s the breakdown.
Jeremiah Vance demonstrates the Jersey Sweep, as well as two options that follow from it:

Take A Trip To The 10th Planet With Jeremiah Vance’s Dead Orchard, Truck Position, & More No-Gi Grappling Offense You Can Use To Stun The Competition.

  • Jeremiah Vance is a 10th Planet black belt who has been one of their most successful and exciting grapplers for years, and now he gives you insights into some of his best attacks.
  • Use the dead orchard closed guard to attack the upper body with incredibly effective armlocks and Jeremiah’s Muddy Waters submission hold.

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