Teddy Atlas’s Boxing Motivation For BJJ Athletes: “On One Given Night…”

The world’s unfair – that’s a given. But you still have a choice: to either become bitter about it – or do something that could put you ahead of the curve. It’s the same thing in life and BJJ alike.
Take it from Teddy Atlas, the legendary American boxing trainer. If you put in the effort and if you take advantage of opportunities…

On one given night… If you’ve worked hard enough, if you’ve dreamed big enough… If you were tough enough and made yourself tough enough, if you sacrificed enough…
And if you became polished and savvy enough, and technically equipped to do those things, and if you’ve learned those things. And if you’ve just worked yourself to the bone…

Yes, it would take that amount of effort to experience. But if you go forward with it, on one given night, things will turn around. Teddy continues:

No matter where you came from, no matter part of the world, where your parents were from… And no matter what you had and what you didn’t have, no matter what people had told you or didn’t tell you – all of that…
If you took advantage of that opportunity (that presented itself to you) and if you made yourself ready, and if you were ready to behave like a champion – you could get into the ring, on one given night, and make the world fair again.

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