Super Important BJJ Concept: Beat The Elbow

There are a lot of concepts that you can learn, that would elevate your game by leaps and bounds… But some of them are more important than others.
Especially if they increase the likelihood of gaining a dominant position. Such as taking the back.

And, well, one of the concepts that will make that possible for you is beating the elbow.
Why? How? John Danaher explains:

The back is generally the best place to be in a no gi grappling match. Your opponent knows this and will always put roadblocks between you and his back.

One of the most important roadblocks he has are his elbows. As long as he keeps you between his elbows – there is no back exposure.

So, learning how to overcome this “elbow roadblock” will go a long way in your Jiu-Jitsu:

Whenever you’re in front of an opponent keep asking yourself how you can get past his elbow, because if you do, your on the path to victory.

Even the most vigilant opponent will at some point get forgetful about the elbow as the barrier to the back.

If you move appropriately at that moment you’ll be on his back in a flash – and that may very well be all that’s needed to turn the match in your favor.


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