Roger Gracie teaches a detail so you don’t lose the guillotine

Kyra, Leão Teixeira and Roger in 2011. Marcelo Dunlop

In 2011, during Kyra Gracie’s camp preparing for the London ADCC, Roger Gracie kindly took a minute to show this technique starting from the guard and ending in a guillotine.

Pay attention to Roger’s progression, as he adjusts the position to get the guillotine hand in while already preparing to sweep with the hook in case his opponent manages to defend himself.

Translated transcript:

“I’ll try, from this position, to hold the armpit and put my arm inside his, holding the head. Now I’ll use my legs to sit, keep his head low. Here I switch. I’ll put my arm inside [0:19], and my other hand will hold the wrist. I put my back on the floor and try to finish here. If by any chance he starts defending, holding the wrist, I’ll use the hook to sweep and mount. As a last resort, we land on the mount.”

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