Rob Biernacki Double Gold!

Rob Biernacki has been on a tear recently.

In 2023 he’s competed 4 times. In April, he got a Silver at the ADCC Open… in March, he won Gold at Grappling Industries… in June, he won Gold at the Portland Open… and just a few days ago, he won Double Gold at Grappling Industries!

That last victory is particularly impressive because one of those gold medals was in the Masters Open division. Rob is 47 years old and was going against guys 15 years younger and 50 pounds heavier than himself.

This just goes to show you that technique, strategy and training methods CAN compensate for age, strength, weight, and athleticism!

Rob winning Double Gold at Grappling Industries

The techniques and strategies Rob used to win at such an advanced and decrepit age are covered in his ground-breaking instructionals.

Here are two GREAT 2-for-1 deals on his stuff…

BJJ for Old F***s Package

The BJJ for Old F***s Package

The  BJJ for Old F***s package combines two of my bestsellers. One is about fighting from the bottom, and the other is about fighting from the top.

Put together, they’re your guide to surviving and thriving in BJJ after age 40. Every technique is chosen to work to be as low risk and high reward as possible because we know that if you get injured, then you can’t train.

Here you’ll get our very best shortcuts gleaned from 55 years of jiu-jitsu training (and 70 years of martial arts training).

Designed for grapplers age 40 and above, you’ll get TREMENDOUS value from these instructionals.

Click here for the BJJ for Old F***s 2 for 1 Package!

The Ultimate Leglock Package

The Ultimate Leglock Package

The Ultimate Leglock Package contains both The Modern Leglock Formula and the Cutting Edge Leglocks instructional.  Put together, they contain everything you need to know about leglocking and will give you a HUGE advantage on the mats.

With them you’ll learn all the positions, submissions, combinations, counters, escapes, defenses, and strategies being used on the competition circuit today.

The material is professionally filmed, filler-free, and organised so you can learn it as quickly and easily as possible.

Start leglocking your friends and enemies today!

Click here for the Ultimate Leglocks 2 for 1 Package!

Good luck with your training!
Stephan Kesting

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