Olympic Boxer Explains Why You Should Never Use Jiu-Jitsu In A Street Fight

Jiu-Jitsu in a street fight… Should you use it?
Well, like all things in life – it depends on the situation. But generally speaking, if you only know Jiu-Jitsu, then you’re not in the best possible position.

Tony Jeffries, Olympic Bronze medalist and former undefeated pro boxer, has been training BJJ for over a year now.
And he decided to list 4 reasons why you shouldn’t use BJJ in a street fight.



The first reason might be somewhat obvious – it’s the punches.
Tony Jeffries explains:

In Jiu-Jitsu, you don’t learn how to defend punches.
And generally, in the street fight, what’s the first thing that someone will do? That’s right, they’ll go to punch you.

And if you aren’t used to punches being thrown at you, how are you supposed to defend this punch?

And if that punch lands, what does it feel like?
Because you’ve never been punched in the face before.

Secondly, Jeffries points out that the very advantage of Jiu-Jitsu being so focused on ground fighting can also be a huge disadvantage – because that means you have to take someone down!
And in the process of taking the other person down, they’ll probably be throwing punches, knees, kicks at you… And if you’re not used to those things, they could leave you hurt.

Also, a big reason why BJJ isn’t good for self-defense is: what happens if the person you’re fighting has friends?
What happens if you pin that person down on the ground – and then their friends jump in and start hitting and kicking you while you’re on the ground?

And finally, the fourth reason why Tony Jeffries believes you shouldn’t use BJJ in a street fight is that you’re not wearing a gi in the street.
So, if you’re focused too much on the gi game – on the lapel, collar, sleeve, and pants control – then you’re going to find yourself on dry land in a street fight.

Watch the video below for more of Jeffries’ opinion on BJJ in street fights – including why it’s good for self-defense:

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