Nicholas Meregali Shows A Simple Lasso Sweep From The Knees

You can love training and competing in the Gi or hate it, but the fact stands: with it, you have much more possibilities for controlling your opponent than without it! The grip options, with seemingly innumerable positional variations that you can create by using them, give way to a number of attacking opportunities.

In that exact spirit, we have prepared a breakdown of a great control to submission transition in the Gi; going from a Lasso control towards many options.

The Lasso Guard is one of the best BJJ guards, simply because of the amount of control it exhibits against the opponent.
And with that, naturally, come plenty of sweep options!

Here’s a simple Lasso Guard sweep, as demonstrated by Nicholas Meregali:

Master The Hidden Secrets Of The Lasso Guard With The Absolute Black Belt World Champion Nicholas Meregali, As He Shows You His System For The Deep & Flow Lasso Guard – Including His Unstoppable Meregali Sweep.

  • See how Nicholas has made the lasso guard into a centerpiece of his ultra-aggressive and effective guard.
  • Nicholas Meregali is one of the best black belt competitors of his generation, with multiple world championships – including a 2022 Absolute World Championship.

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