Mendes students gearing up for Montreal Open

Guilherme, Rafael Mendes and PJ O'Sullivan / Personal archive photo

Our GMA academy in Canada PuraBJJ Hamilton is all set to put in a good showing at the Montreal Open, another IBJJF tournament shaking up the gentle art calendar, this Sunday. The Mendes Bros Academy-affiliate team was paid a recent video by world champion brothers Guilherme and Rafael Mendes.

“We’re really anxious get to the Montreal Open to test out the techniques we practiced with Rafa and Gui Mendes. We can’t wait to compete! The competition will show how hard we’ve worked and what we need to do to keep getting better. Guilherme and Rafael always showed us how important it is never to quit and to believe in ourselves,” said Coach PJ O’Sullivan.

“Sullivan is doing a great job in developing our system of positions at our affiliate in Hamilton, Canada. He’s a very dedicated teacher and that reflects in his students, who are training really hard to be champions! Last time we were there we could tell how far the students have come since we struck up the partnership. We’re certain they’re going to represent us in the best way possible,” say the Mendes brothers.

To find out more about the results from the Montreal Open, stay tuned to

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