Matt Serra On Using BJJ To Restrain A Drunk Man In Las Vegas: “He Was Really Hostile”

Image Credits: Joe Rogan Experience

Matt Serra is a former UFC welterweight champion, as well as a UFC Hall Of Fame member…
And he is well-known in the BJJ community for, among other things, the viral video of him restraining a drunk man in Las Vegas.

Here’s how it looked like:

He shared more details on what happened in a recent Joe Rogan Experience episode:

So me, my wife, my kids, my sister and her kid were at the cafe.

And then, you see the two of them walk in, the guy and his girlfriend, they were really hammered.
He left her there, she is slumped, like passed out…

And then he came back, really hostile. He is throwing sh*t at the waiters…

Serra realized that he and his family had to leave the place as soon as possible.

Sure enough, my waiter was bringing me my check. And the (drunk) guy got up. So, just instinctively, I got up.
And then he turned right to me…

He f*cking takes that shirt off. And nothing is gonna get better after that, right?
So I stepped in, [body locked him] around the waist, took him down.

And I tell my sister, I go: “Sammy, film this.”
Because I know what’s gonna happen. I know that he’s gonna say that the UFC guy was beating him up.

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