Life after ADCC 2011 titles

Galvão against Pablo Popovitch in absolute final / Photo: Daren Bartlett

The winner of the absolute and the under-88 kg divisions at the ADCC last September, André Galvão was one of the characters highlighted in an article coming up in the next issue of GRACIEMAG.

Speaking with our editor Marcelo Dunlop, André shared pointers and teachings about rehydrating during Jiu-Jitsu and MMA training, and proved that drinking water is an art unto itself and a vital aspect in a competitor finding success.

The article already complete—you can check it out next month—,André Galvão explained the changes his career has undergone since winning the absolute title of the burliest grappling tournament on the planet.

“Keeping with the same topic, I really was thirsty to win that championship; I was truly craving that title. Life now is just beyond great. The academy in San Diego is going awesome—so many new students and visitors coming in since I won. I was able to expand the academy, set up a much bigger dojo area, and I’m just waiting on some finishing touches to send you guys photos. It’s awesome, now I have more room for physical conditioning. It’s good for everybody, great for the team,” he said.

“These days I’ve been getting a lot of emails with different offers—invitations to do seminars and from MMA teams. I sealed a sponsorship deal with Zebra Mats. I’ve been getting a lot of offers from gi brands as well. I’m overjoyed; I think it’s the first time I’ve ever turned down sponsorship deals [laughs]!,” recalls Galvão, adding that he doesn’t have any fights lined up at the moment.

“I don’t have any fights coming up; I’m just working with my students and investing a lot in them. I want to see the team coming up with results, and for that to happen I have to be dedicated to them, too. I’m so happy,” he added in closing.

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