Killer Grip, and How To Get It!

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My BJJ coach Marcus Soares believes that a really strong grip is one of the most important physical attributes for a BJJ fighter. Not surprisingly, Marcus’s grip is crushingly strong. In fact, this is one of the first things his old training partners remember about him. One Brazilian coach told me “Oh my God, when he grabbed you that was it! At that point you just wanted to go do something else…

Now wouldn’t that be a nice attribute to have?

Obviously a strong grip helps with gi chokes, however it’s also a huge asset even if you mostly do no-gi. There’s nothing like clamping a vice-like mitt onto an opponent’s wrist to get his attention in a hurry! But what if you’ve naturally got a weak grip? Should you give up the sport and take up ping-pong?

By now you’ve probably already guessed what I’m going to say here. Just because you suck at something doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work on it. In this specific area I speak from personal experience here, because my own grip is decidedly non-superhuman…

If you suck at something you should probably double your efforts in that area. As Marc Denny told me, often your fastest progress comes from working your weakest areas.

There’s a real art and science behind serious grip training. But what if you’ve decided to spend your few precious hours of spare time on the mat training BJJ rather than cranking out reps of forearm twists and other exercises in a gym ?

In that case check out my Youtube video with five grip training exercises I use while I’m on-the-go. Here’s to the time when YOUR opponents will fear the power of your grip!

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