Khabib Nurmagomedov Talks Slap League: “It’s Not Okay To Slap, Better To Punch”

Khabib Nurmagomedov, UFC Hall Of Famer and former lightweight champion of the world, has shared his take on Dana White’s “Power Slap League”…
And it’s not a positive one, particularly in regards to the mindset of rather taking a punch than a slap.

Why? Because, in the way Khabib sees it, slapping a man is disrespectful:

In our mentality, like slap [slapping], it’s not good. It’s better to punch [in the] face. It’s better.
No, don’t slap nobody, slap is no good.

“The Eagle” explained further:

You cannot slap men, no. Because, like how are you gonna slap men? It’s not good. This is all, I don’t know – for America it’s okay.

For me, it’s not okay to slap, even if I’m gonna have chance, I’m never gonna slap people. Better [to] punch his face. This is different mentality.

In the same interview, Khabib also shared a story of how he was confronted by a wanna-be bully back in the day:

It was 2012 and I just moved to California, when I just signed with the UFC.

It was, like, between my gym and hotel. It was, like, a 5 minute walk, a supermarket.
And everyday, I’d go inside, buy something…

I was waiting on the line one time and some drunk guy tried to bully me. He was, like, 35 or 40 (years old). And he was big.
And he was trying to bully, like, everybody, he was drunk…

And I told him: “Brother, you have to be careful. It’s not a good idea to joke with me.”

He just stopped and he realized that this is real talk. And he leave me alone.

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