Jorge Masvidal Shares Crazy Bathroom Brawl Story From China: “Knocked The F*ck Out”

Jorge Masvidal has had quite an experience back in 2019, as he was going ahead for a UFC event that was to be held at the Shenzhen Universade Sports Centre Arena (China).
More specifically – he was involved in a bathroom brawl!

Masvidal shared the details of the incident during a recent MMA Hour episode:

I was actually in China… Three random European guys.

I was in the bathroom. I had a nice chain on at the time and I was waiting in line to wash my hands.
These guys are behind me and somebody picks up my chain with their fingers and turns to his friend and starts saying something in a language that I’m not understanding.

And I turn around very politely and I go: “Hey, relax, bro. It’s all good.”

And I go forward to get away because he’s literally grabbing my chain.
Like, I’ve never seen you in my life, you can’t do that.

The situation quickly escalated, however:

Then I’m here, I’m looking in the reflection in the mirror, and the guy goes like this [lifts hand in the air] and lifts up my chain like an a***ole, and he says something to me in whatever language he was speaking.

So I was, like, I know what’s going to happen next.
If these guys keep doing this, they’re going to take everything I’ve got.

So when I turned around, the guy got in my face and then yeah, it was like a sleeping bomb went off in there.

Needless to say, Masvidal handled it like you’d expect him to:

Knocked the f*ck out – him and his two buddies.

They rushed me. The one dude got in my face, I told him to get back, he didn’t understand me, he got closer, boom. Down.
His friends come rushing at me, what am I going to do? All in a bathroom.

Masvidal left the scene swiftly afterwards:

I wash my hands still after I’m done with them. I go to the section where we’re hanging out.

And the dude that was in charge of the group, he comes to me and he says: “Hey, check this out. Cops are on their way because they said somebody got beat up in the bathroom. In China, if you go to jail, you don’t see the judge, you don’t get bail for 10 days. So right or wrong, you’re going to be in there for 10 days if you do get arrested.”

I wasn’t going to take that chance, so I just took off.

I just got into a cab and went back to my hotel and hung out in the lobby.

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