IBJJF To Introduce Changes To Gi Uniform Rules In 2024

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) has announced that they will soon implement changes to their uniform regulations. These changes will take effect after the gi world championship in 2024. While it is important to have rules surrounding the uniform used in competition, the IBJJF has been criticized in the past for being too strict. However, the organization has chosen to further restrict the rules rather than loosen them.

The new uniform rules will render many ultra-light gis unusable in IBJJF competition as the acceptable GSM range of the fabric has been reduced. Additionally, the acceptable length of reinforcements on the cuffs of gis has been reduced and brand labels have been limited to specific locations. These changes will have a greater impact on casual or occasional competitors who purchase their own gis and may need to buy a new wardrobe to meet the new requirements. Elite-level competitors with sponsorship deals will not be as affected.


Craig Jones Criticizes IBJJF: “You Pay For Your Own Hotel, Your Own Registration Fees…”

Craig Jones and the IBJJF logo

Gi manufacturers will also be negatively impacted as many popular items will no longer be IBJJF legal and will need to be redesigned to meet the new rules.

You can view all upcoming changes HERE.

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