Haisam Rida Reportedly Beats Up Man Who Tried To Break Into His Car

Haisam Rida is a world-class BJJ athlete who recently joined Craig Jones’ “B-Team”.
A prior member of the “Assembly Jiu Jitsu” team and also a 2021 IBJJF American Nationals No-Gi champion, it appears that Rida has recently had an opportunity to put his grappling skills to a test in a “real life” situation.

Craig Jones posted a video on his social media, which features what appears to be an attempted car theft aftermath.
Apparently, a man tried to steal Haisam Rida’s car – and then Rida dealt with him!

The video shows the alleged car thief being loaded onto a stretcher by the paramedics, while Rida explains what happened to the police officers.
From the looks of it, there was at least one foot sweep involved:


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Craig Jones, in his typical manner, has added a couple of humorous comments about the incident:

White guys don’t drive old Cadillacs, be careful.

The only way this would be more frightening is if he was wearing the “keep jiu jitsu gay” shirt.

Dean Lister added:

Looks like broken limbs.

At the time of publishing this article, Haisam Rida still hasn’t issued a statement about the incident.

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