Frankie Edgar Promoted To 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt

Frankie Edgar, former UFC lightweight world champion, has just been promoted to the rank of a 3rd degree BJJ black belt!
Ricardo Almeida, his long-time coach and friend, promoted him and shared the answer news:

I have been around the world and back with this guy for over 15 years now but his humility and dedication to anything he is trying to do never cease to amaze me!

Congrats on the 3rd Degree on your Black Belt Frankie!!

Almeida also shared the story of Edgar’s dedication to the sport and relentless work ethic:

So I am at the academy early here in NJ early for a Zoom meeting and about 1 hour before practice comes Frankie strolling in with his Gi.

I come to find out he has been diligently studying BJJ fundamentals in order to teach at his new gym ( coming soon). Practicing 2x a week with curriculum review and drills.

Back in 2008 when we first started training together he asked me if he should train in the Gi.
My reply was “absolutely not- leave that for after your MMA career, when it’s time to teach”.

About 15 years later it was time…


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