Cyborg wins and Vanessa Porto suffers setback in Curitiba

(Collaborator: Ivan Canello)

The MMA circuit in southern Brazil is becoming more and more attractive to fans of the sport. Last Saturday, December 12, the city of Curitiba received the second installment of Samurai Fight Combat in the Paraná Military Circle. The stands were packed and the crowd was lively as the athletes moved about the cage. Among the novelties announced this second event of the organization was the creation of lightweight and heavyweight belts for April 2010, at the third event. The main attractions of the evening were Evangelista Cyborg, a Strikeforce fighter, and Vanessa Porto, who suffered defeat at the hands of Amanda Nunes.

Cyborg used his shins handily against Zarate. Photo: Ivan Canello

Cyborg used his shins handily against Zarate. Photo: Ivan Canello

In the most anticipated fight of the night, Evangelista Cyborg faced Argentina’s Daniel Zarate. Cyborg, as always, started out with powerful leg kicks, which threw the Argentine off balance. In a double-leg attempt, Zarate was headed towards the legs of Cyborg, who fired off a left shin kick square on his opponent’s chin. Result: knockout in the Brazilian’s favor.

If anyone thought Amanda Nunes would be easy prey for the experienced Vanessa Porto or that a win from the Bahia native would be an upset, it’s because they’ve never see the fighter in action in the ring or at Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling competitions. The “underdog” kept up the pace from beginning to end and Vanessa seemed unable to keep up with Amanda, who dominated both standing and on the ground. At the end of the second round, Vanessa seemed to be fine, although at a clear disadvantage. However, in what appeared to be a decision from the athlete’s cornerman, she did not return for the third round and Amanda was handed the win.

Amanda Nunes laid on the ground-and-pound. Photo: Ivan Canello

Amanda Nunes laid on the ground-and-pound. Photo: Ivan Canello

Check out the complete results:

– 82 Kg: Júlio César “Mão de Pedra” (Iglesias Team – Jaú/SP) submitted Naza (Thainaja – Curitiba) via triangle 2:41min into R1
– 77 Kg: Alcenir Padilha (Roberto Gold Team) defeated Adaílton Pará (Chute Boxe) via TKO in R3
– 70 Kg: Vinicius Vina (Combate Absoluto) submitted Edmílson (Ataque duplo) via rear-naked choke at 1:26min of R1
– 65 Kg: André Toquinho (Noguchi) submitted Robert Pupilo (PRVT) via guillotine choke at 1:10 min of R2
– 65 Kg: Gildo Lima (Chute Boxe) submitted Antonuce Conceição (PRVT) via armbar at 4:20 of R2
– Pesado: Nelson Jaca (Chute Boxe) defeated Antônio Conceição (Associação Jaraguense) via TKO – desistance at 2:09 min of R1
– 73/74 Kg: Iliard José (PRVT) defeated Gilmar Manaus (Noguchi) via knockout 0.23min into R1
– Feminina Cat. 62Kg: SUPERFIGHT: Amanda Nunes (Edson Carvalho ) defeated Vanessa Porto (Inglesias Team) via desistance after R2
– 80 Kg.
SUPERLUTA: Evangelista Cyborg (Chute Boxe) defeated Daniel Zarate (Meca 360 – Argentina) via KO in R1

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