Comprido challenges Overeem’s status as favorite

Comprido with Lesnar during break between training sessions

Ground fighting coach to Brock Lesnar, Rodrigo Comprido will have double the interest in what transpires this Saturday when his student headlines the UFC 140 card in Las Vegas. Besides the possibility of earning a shot at Junior Cigano’s heavyweight title, Lesnar winning could secure him some extra cash for the end of the year.

“If time permits, the minute I land in Vegas I’m going to put some money on Brock Lesnar; he’s in awesome shape,” said Comprido.

The black belt really could come up spades. Besides being a former divisional champion, Lesnar enters the fight as the underdog. The betting lines all point to Overeem as the favorite. The Dutch striking specialist has not tasted defeat since September 2007, when he was knocked out by Sergei Kharitonov while fighting in the Hero’s promotion.

Also according to a bulletin on the Bet on It website, Donald Cerrone is favored to beat Nate Diaz, and the same goes for Jon Fitch against Johnny Hendricks.

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