Buchecha: “Ruotolo Brothers Were Ahead Of Their Time”

Why are the Ruotolo brothers so great in Jiu-Jitsu?
Well, one of the reasons is that they started training when they were very young.

The legendary Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida knows that well.
He is a big fan of the twins and their fast-paced, aggressive style – which they’ve been developing ever since they were children.

Buchecha shared more of his opinion in a ONE Championship interview:

For sure, they were ahead of their time. They were like killing all the people, the other kids, because they were so fast, they were thinking so fast in transitions and everything.
So I think that was the key for them, but they kept doing this until the black belts.

The good things they used to do as kids as green belts, they’re still doing this as black belts.
It’s something we don’t see really often.

He feels that the Ruotolo brothers are incredible:

Watching what [Kade is] doing is special for sure. The kids, the both of them, are really special.

Buchecha praised their skills in a last year’s interview as well:

Both Kade and Tye, their difference is that they are not afraid to take risks. They are not afraid of falling into a bad position.
That’s what makes them the fighters that they are, that everyone wants to watch. People know it’s going to be a show.


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