Anderson Silva Teaches his Son a Jiu-Jitsu ‘lesson’: ‘You’re going to fly’

MMA legend Anderson da Silva is a 3rd degree BJJ black belt under Ricrado De La Riva. He has legit BJJ skills which he has showcased in a few occasions in his MMA career. He just doesn’t use them as much.

Anderson Silva is now retired from mixed martial arts and has currently turned his focus to Boxing, where he has been fighting since leaving the UFC. However, anyone who thinks that the “Spider” does not put his skills into play is wrong, and the veteran made that clear in a very relaxed way.

Through their social networks, Kalyl Silva and Gabriel Silva , Anderson’s sons, released a video where Spider shows Kalyl, in a humorous way, some Jiu-Jitsu techniques: “Are you wearing a parachute? You will fly! There’s no way here, you’re going to fly like hell”, jokes Anderson, before sweeping his son, who has been doing Boxing fights in recent years.

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