Buchecha: “Mikey Musumeci Sees Jiu-Jitsu In A Different Way”

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida is excited for the upcoming Mikey Musumeci vs. Osamah Almarwai ONE Flyweight Submission Grappling World Title match…

And, even though Almarwai is the first-ever Middle Eastern competitor to win an IBJJF black belt world title, Buchecha is still certain of Mikey’s success.

He revealed why in a recent interview with ONE Championship:

Fighting against the champ like Mikey will be a really tough job for [Almarwai] because Mikey is something special for sure.

The kid, he sees Jiu-Jitsu in a different way. He thinks so fast.
He makes decisions really fast in a fight, and that is something amazing to watch, so I think it’s gonna be a great fight.

But I think Mikey’s gonna keep the belt.

Musumeci is primarily known for his guard game, but Buchecha says that his guard passing game is really good as well:

Being honest, his passing game is really good. He has really good techniques passing.

We don’t see him much on top, but once he gets on top, for sure we’re gonna see a lot of pressure and I think because of that, he wants to test himself so we’re gonna see a lot of top game for sure.


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