Buchecha, Kron, Rafa Mendes, Dominyka. See what other stars won’t be at the 2015 ADCC

Marcus Buchecha

Marcus Buchecha

summer promoThe 2015 ADCC will be the gathering of some of the best grappling athletes from around the world.

It is a sure thing that all seven divisions and the two superfights will feature thrilling matches to please the crowd.

Nevertheless, the list of absent names also makes an impressive roster.

Here are the main names not competing for various reasons.

Of course, there are many other names that could be on the list, but we highlighted the most well known of them.



Rafael Mendes

Rafael Mendes

Rafael Mendes: Two-time ADCC champion (2009, 2011), Rafael Mendes announced a few months ago the decision of not competing in São Paulo to devote more time for his family and the AOJ academy. The decision took away the opportunity of seeing a very probable fourth final match between Mendes and Cobrinha.

João Miyao: He was in until a week ago. Then, he called the ADCC and told them he would not be competing in São Paulo. According to the event staff, João gave no reason for the withdrawal. As he signed in for the IBJJF Santa Cruz Pro, scheduled on the same day of the ADCC, it seems he’s not injured, but only chose one competition over the other.

Mikey Musumeci: Recently promoted to the black belt, Musumeci had a newsworthy debut in the ranking when he defeated João Miyao at the IBJJF American Nationals, roughly two months ago. An online campaign ensued in favor of Musumeci’s name to replace João Miyao, but the ADCC eventually decided to name Alexandre Vieira for the spot.

Paulo Miyao: João’s brother could be his replacement, but that was not the case. It would have been Paulo’s first appearance at the ADCC.


Kron Gracie

Kron Gracie

Kron Gracie: The 2013 champion is now focusing on his MMA career. After a successful debut on December 2014, the son of Rickson Gracie is still waiting for his next challenge. In the meantime, he chose not to compete in grappling events.

Marcelo Garcia: Ok, the four-time ADCC champion (2003, 2005, 2007, 2011) did not compete in 2013, but as the event will be in the same venue he made his first major appearance, back in 2003, there was the hope he would come back one more time. As it seems, it will not be case.

Leo Vieira: Two-time ADCC champion in the -66kg division (2003, 2005), Vieira would be making his ninth straight appearance in 2015 if he was in the roster, as he’s been competing since 2000. Unfortunately, this time he’s not on the list.

Leandro Lo: The four-time world champion did not compete in the Brazilian trials or got invited. Therefore, he’s not competing in São Paulo. It’s for sure one of the biggest absences at the 2015 ADCC.

Magid Hage IV: The Gorilla Hands would also be a fun athlete to watch in São Paulo. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the invitation after JT Torres’ withdrawal this weekend.

Michael Langhi: The current lightweight world champion is another big name not competing in São Paulo. At least, his teammate Lucas Lepri will be there representing Alliance.

JT Torres: A bronze medalist in 2013, JT was all ready to go until this Saturday, when he had to make the tough decision to drop out due to an undisclosed injury sustained at the training camp for the 2015 Worlds.


Tim Spriggs

Tim Spriggs

Tim Spriggs: The talented black belt from Lloyd Irvin Team even made a direct plea for the ADCC to get the invitation after he won the Five Grappling Super League at the beginning of August. Unfortunately, it was to no avail and we’ll have to wait two more years to see Spriggs in the ADCC.

Rousimar Palhares: Toquinho is once again under a lot of heat for holding on to a submission for too long after the tap. He lost his WSOF belt recently after a controversial fight against Jake Shields. Nevertheless, few would argue that Toquinho and his crazy heel hooks wouldn’t be an amazing attraction for the ADCC.

Lucas Leite: The 2014 IBJJF World No-Gi champion in the heavyweight division deserved an invitation. It would be great to see Leite competing for his home crowd of São Paulo and putting his half guard game to work.

Braulio Estima: The 2009 -88kg and open class champion and 2011 superfight champion is not on the roster. A shoulder injury before the 2015 WPJJC, in April, sidelined Estima for the rest of the season.


Leo Nogueira

Leo Nogueira

Leonardo Nogueira: Injured on his left arm at the 2015 Worlds, Leo Nogueira is still out of commission. A bronze medalist in 2013, his absence will be missed in São Paulo for sure.

Luiz Panza: Another Checkmat star sidelined by injury. In Panza’s case, a scary double fracture on his right leg at the 2015 WPJJC ended his chances of competing in his first ADCC.

Mahamed Aly: The 2015 brown belt open class world champion, owner of a exciting and aggressive style, would be a sight to be seen in São Paulo.


Alex Trans at the 2015 Worlds

Alex Trans

Marcus Buchecha: Probably the biggest name not competing in São Paulo, Buchecha was another victim of a serious injury leading up to the ADCC. The ACL on his left knee needed surgery to be reconstructed after the 2015 Worlds and at least 5 months for recovery.

Alex Trans: The Dane was also victim of a knee injury at the 2015 Worlds and had to go under surgery to fix it. As a result, he should only come back to competitions in 2016.

Abraham Marte: The Dominican’s presence would be a certainty of exciting moments in São Paulo.



Luiza Monteiro

Luiza Monteiro

Luiza Monteiro: The current world champion both with and without the gi in the middleweight division, Luiza would be a obvious choice for the roster. Another invitation that never came.

Luanna Alzuguir: A silver medalist in 2013, Luanna is not on the roster for 2015. She would be a great addition to the roster competing in her hometown of São Paulo.

Monique Elias: An up and coming talent, the 2015 Worlds black belt open class runner up would be another name to make the female division even more exciting. Monique went through an undisclosed surgery recently so she was not really ready for her first ADCC in 2015.


Dominyka Obelenyte

Dominyka Obelenyte

Dominyka Obelenyte: The 2015 black belt open class world champion was another name that deserved to be competing in São Paulo this next weekend. Well, as she’s only 20 years old, the 2017 ADCC will have to be the setting for her first appearance.

Talita Nogueira: Another big name sidelined due to injury, Talita went through knee surgery recently and could not compete in São Paulo.

Tammy Griego: Bronze medalist in 2013, Tammy is not on the roster for São Paulo. She would make the division even more interesting.

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