Bruno Bastos Shows How To End Up On Top From Half Butterfly Guard

The Half Butterfly is a fantastic guard, particularly well-suited for various Leg Lock entries – depending on your training partner’s reaction.

Most of us get caught up using our half guard to try to control the weight and pressure our opponents are able to inflict on us, while we are desperately trying not to let them pass our guards. There are many of submission possibilities that are available from this previously thought of “defensive only” position. The half butterfly guard is filled with kimuras, back takes, leg submission entries, as well as sweeps,

If you’re in the search for great Half Butterfly Guard techniques, then here’s one that you’ll like a lot…
Especially because you’ll end up on top!

Bruno Bastos shows this awesome Half Butterfly Guard technique below:

You know that’s not going to be enough Half Butterfly Guard to satisfy your need to dominate your training partners and opponents. Get Tom DeBlass’ new release Half Butterfly Guard NOW at BJJ Fanatics!

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