BJJ Stars: Mica Galvao (85kgs) Defeats Otavio Nalati (165kgs)

BJJ Stars 10: Battlefield took place on April 22nd, 2023 and the promotion put together an impressive Absolute Grand Prix tournament. This was supplemented by three amazing superfights, with Brazilian rapper Ice Blue unfortunately losing out to Alex Godoy on points. The real highlight however was the tournament itself, which boasted a star-studded lineup and a prize of around 200,000 Brazilian Reals for the winner.

The opening round saw some interesting matchups – the lightest competitor Mica Galvao went up against the heaviest in Otavio Nalati, and he managed to secure a victory on points to proceed to the quarter-finals. It was here where Galvao encountered disaster – he suffered an injury during a match against Kaynan Duarte which saw his opponent disqualified. This likely contributed to his defeat in the semi-finals at the hands of Fellipe Andrew.

On the other side of the bracket Erich Munis had ascended through three great performances in order to make it all the way through to final opposite Andrew. His semi-final against Victor Hugo was one of the closest matches of the night, winning by an advantage point only. The final match between Munis and Andrew provided plenty of entertainment for fans watching, with not much separating them in terms of points – but it was Munis who emerged victorious at the end of it all, taking home first place in this incredible event!

Superfights were also fought on this night – Joao Rocha won by submission from an armbar, Godoy defeated Ice Blue via points (4-2), and Ingrid Alves finished Amanda Henning with a Ezekiel choke.

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