BJJ Stars 10: Kaynan Duarte Destroys Mica Galvao’s Knee

The 10th BJJ Stars event was highly scrutinized due to the presence of several BJJ athletes who had recently been suspended by USADA. This was quite different from before, as Mica Galvao and Roberty Cyborg showed no other repercussions besides the inability to compete in IBJJF tournaments.

The highly anticipated match between Galvao and ATOS athlete Kaynan Duarte had begun, with Kaynan seemingly bent on performing a leg entanglement. However, after Galvao defended it successfully, they both started rolling inward – a move that is prohibited by the IBJJF rulebook and can potentially cause harm to an opponent.

Galvao seemed hurt instantly, and a medical team had to be brought in right away. Sure enough, Galvao soon needed medical attention and it is thought his ACL was torn – an injury that usually requires surgery and up to 9 months of rehabilitation.


In the end, Erich Munis was crowned champion at BJJ Stars 10 Grand Prix. He produced a stunning display of skill and technique throughout the event, beating Fabio Caloi in the quarter-finals by points before submitting Rafael Mansur in the semi-finals. In the final he faced off against Thiago Sá but was able to dominate the bout and secure a unanimous victory. His victory has cemented him as one of the leading BJJ athletes in the world and has many people eager to see his next move as he looks towards even greater success in this sport.


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