BJ Penn Sparks Another Controversy, Asking: “Was Mother Teresa A CIA Spy?”

BJ Penn is an MMA and UFC legend, who recently came into the spotlight due to his… Controversial takes on many topics.

His latest take, well, includes Mother Teresa – for whom Penn is asking if she was a CIA spy:


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This is not the first time BJ Penn has shared his controversial views on social media.
For example, a few weeks back, he claimed that dinosaurs never existed:

These guys [the government] lie the whole f*ckin time! Same with us Hawaiians!

Just the same as f*ckin fake as dinosaurs, Neanderthal man, and aliens are! Evolution is even worse, because those evolutionist liars need the native Hawaiians to make their fake evolution for humans.

F*ckin liars.

BJ Penn went even further, claiming that the world is going to end in 2050:

We are living in a movie! It’s speeding up now real fast, cause it ends in 2050 and then resets back to 1850!

I wish we had real news.
We don’t know sh*t! All guessing.

Everything the government tells us is a lie.

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