Bernardo Faria Shows A Knee Shield Concept That Could Revolutionize Your Game

Bernardo Faria used to go for the Single Leg or to the Dog Fight position whenever he played the Knee Shield game…
However, one simple change of hand placement – one simple concept – changed his entire game.

He learned the concept from Tom DeBlass. It’s no secret that Tom Deblass’ favorite position is the half guard. It’s a position he has been using since he was a blue belt nearly 15 years ago. Since then he has been refining the position on the mats and in the competitive arena against some of the top competitors out there and on grappling’s highest stages. When he’s not on the mats at his own school, traveling around the world motivating students around the globe or competing on the top stages, he’s always thinking about half guard.

Here is this detail:

To get more of these easy to follow and extremely applicable half guard game changing techniques, you will want to check out Tom DeBlass‘ 4 volume, best-selling Half Domination series today. This series has been so popular that we wouldn’t be suprised if a Half Domination Part Two gets made in the very near future!

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